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Providing loans to small businesses is considered one of the most successful forms of development in majority world countries. By giving just a small amount of money — no more than $300 US — you can enable a small business to go from concept to up-and-running; or from one level of growth to the next. What's even better is that your gift does not have a once-off return on investment. Once it is repaid, your gift is recycled as a new loan, enabling another business to get started, and so it goes. Your small gift can have a very long life-span of effectiveness. The David/Jonathan Project is a registered Canadian Charity. If you wish to sponsor a micro-loan for one of our applicants, please contact us. Your donation will be appreciated. Please use the "Canada Helps" link to make a donation.

Recipients receive their new loans, enabling the growth of a new business.

The David/Jonathan Project has many ways that you can get involved and donate.

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If you prefer to make your donation over the phone, please call us at 289-890-0418

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Please make cheque payable to:
The Lending Journey
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