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Jessenia's Story

My name is Jessenia.  I come from a very poor family.  My parents were always trying to find work so we could eat.  Without much guidance in my life and parents who were around, I got into a lot of trouble.  At 19 I married, but my mairrage was terrible.  I ended up in prositition and became addicted to drugs.

I wanted to turn my life around but I didn't know how.  One day I met Eliett, she spoke to me about a better life and how to change my life around.  She believed in me and gave me a loan to start a small business.($300.)

I have begun to turn my life around,  it is still very hard and the tempation not to go back to a former life is sometimes hard.  Sometimes my sales are only 2-4 dollars a day.

I am thankful though for Eliett and her commitment to working with me