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Vince Vetro SpeakingSince 1998 Vincent Vetro has had opportunities to speak about his life of adventure. Whether it has been to a group of ten year olds at a grade school or to a group of Bay street businessmen.

His passion to make a difference in this world comes through strong as he tells his story about his journeys across the globe.

His casual story telling tone takes people on an incredible journey. One that begins with a wild and wacky childhood, growing up in a home with close to thirty siblings and continues with adventure that have seen him lost in the Amazon Rain Forest, come face to face with AK-47’s in Ukraine, and surviving a near fatal plane crash in the jungles of Indonesia. Each story carries with it a strong message. To youth, it may contain aspects of, the power of perseverance and the need to be a world changer.  To a business audience, it is the story of one man's journey from Success to Significance, but to all, it is a story about engaging life to its fullest.  

Vince’s story is still fairly unknown to the world at large although not to his friends overseas. His board and trusted friends have asked him to slow down his travel time overseas and take some time over the next few years to share his story with more people in his home country of Canada.

If you are looking for a motivational and passionate speaker then you need to hear this man speak!

To contact Vince regarding a speaking engagement please call 289-890-0418 or email