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Lending Journey Tours

For the last thirteen years, Vince has been taking individuals and groups with him journeys around the world. This has included CEO's from the corporate world, small business owners who wanted to seriously get involved in making a difference, and individual Canadians who wanted to roll up their sleeves and help out.

The program is now offering Lending Journey Tours to Canadians at large who want to become more involved. See first hand how micro-finance is making a significant change in the cities where the program is currently established and active.

What can you expect on a Lending Journey Tour?

There are many different things you can expect on a tour. Our goal is to allow you to experience life as our recipients would. You will have multiple opportunities to visit with our loan recipients and get to know more about their businesses. You will have an opportunity to meet our staff and hear their stories about life in their respective cities. You will have opportunities to eat in the traditional restaurants that have been sponsored by others from Canada. There are also many opportunities to sit in on business meetings and provide your own input on how to create change. Added to this are the many opportunities to visit some of the beautiful and unique sites of Latin America.

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Ramona gets to know some of the children of families we support in Managua 2011

Helen (at the back of the room) makes her first visit to Quito Ecuador 2009

Dom and Mark visiting Latin America 2008
Making new friends

Ron giving a check to a sponsor 2006

Aaron giving a check to a sponsor 2005

Diana visits with her sponsor in San
Benito 2011